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            Image for article 3443

            Five-axis free-for-all


            Considering the large quantities of standard components made on conventional machining centres, one wonders why there’s growing interest in five-axis machining. Surely the cost, complexity and elaborate methods of ...

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            Clogs to growth...


            Based in South Shields, on the banks of the river Tyne, 216-employee tier 2/3 contract manufacturer Ford Component Manufacturing is a company full of surprises and amply demonstrates the adage ‘don’t judge a book by its ...

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            Nursing an industry


            Within the UK,there are currently some 50 000 hip replacements and over 35 000 knee replacements annually. In addition there are numerous other orthopaedic operations. And earlier this year,the then health secretary ...

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            Mikron HSM user group launch


            Mikron has launched the UK’s first high-speed, four-/five-axis machining user group. The group is part of a series of Mikron initiatives aimed at raising the profile of the technologies and demonstrating their ...

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            Carriers take another step closer to production


            Contracts totalling around £50 million in value have been placed with BAE Systems and Thales UK to complete the Assessment Phase (AP3) of the Future Aircraft Carrier (CVF) project. AP3 sets out to increase design ...

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            Symptoms: Diagnosis: Cure


            The medical and healthcare sector is a growing one, but the UK is yet to take best advantage across the whole supply chain of the opportunity on offer, it seems

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            Not dying; changing


            Manufacturing industry is not heading for disaster, but it is changing in ways which focus on strengths built up over our 200 years as a manufacturing nation. The key to future success does not lie in bringing our ...

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            Type 45 Destroyer spurs bearing innovation


            The radar housing on the Royal navy’s new Type 45 Destroyer’s will rotate on Timken bearings. The radar – Samson – rotates at 30 revs/min on an innovative bearing setup which US-based The Timken Company assisted in ...