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            MACH 2020 preparations


            MACH2020 (www.machexhibition.com) will take place from 20-24 April, 2020 at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. It will be the second show since the move to new halls, with the event last year attracting 25,000+ ...

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            EMO 2017 - Industry 4.0 gains momentum


            This year’s edition of biennial show EMO returns to Europe’s manufacturing technology heartland, Germany, with the six-day event kicking off on 18 September at its usual home, the Hanover show ground. Andrew Allcock ...

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            Six on a bed: bogie roughing


            Nikken was approached by Safran Landing Systems (previously known as Messier-Bugatti-Dowty) in 2007 to work with it on a project to optimise semi-finish machining of six 583 kg Airbus A350 titanium bogie beam forgings.

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            This month 25 years ago: November 1991


            Manufacturing’s image; Cincinnati Milacron – another low-cost VMC, eyes growing market share; Yamazaki Machinery UK one of the 10 best in the world; Renishaw easy accuracy check; modular fixturing; gang-tooled lathes; ...

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            Case file: Bespoke fixtures at Cosworth engine factory


            Tamworth-based workholding specialist Brown & Holmes (01827 63591) has recently supplied 59 fixtures for the high performance engine manufacturer Cosworth’s flagship Advanced Manufacturing Centre. This was one of the ...

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            Bespoke expertise: profile of Hyfore Engineering


            Hyfore Engineering focuses on a particular area of workholding, has distinctive technology, claims advantages for its in-house manufacturing approach and is developing skilled individuals to maintain all of this, as ...