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            MACH 2020 preparations


            MACH2020 (www.machexhibition.com) will take place from 20-24 April, 2020 at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. It will be the second show since the move to new halls, with the event last year attracting 25,000+ ...

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            We need to talk about solvent


            There is a continued need for solvent-based cleaning. With related plant cost a stumbling block in many projects, an event responded to that and set out the bigger picture. Andrew Allcock reports (extended article)

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            Managing coolant: the machinery options


            A variety of web-based services and automated machinery is helping machine tool operators manage, monitor and maintain metalworking fluids, as Will Dalrymple reports

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            Changing everything


            In 10 years, honing expert Delapena has actually travelled many decades to arrive at the success it is today, in terms of its current machine tool technology, in-house working practices and service offerings. Andrew ...

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            This month 25 years ago: March 1991


            Environmental legislation; investment boost request; Mitutoyo starts UK manufacture; Hurco in-house CADCAM development; rotary forging club; EU and national industrial policy in the news; machining centre developments

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            Well-oiled production


            Already involved in prolonging coolant life and reducing consumption, Environmental Technologies is adding premium metalworking fluids to complete the package and drive further benefit

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            Double savings


            Incentives are available to help cut energy, water and air usage, driving down related utility and environmental costs in parallel. Will Dalrymple investigates

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            MQL - the case for


            Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) has been around for many years. Andrew Allcock reviews the process in brief and talks to two of its proponents, while providing a round-up of other relevant news. Picture: Some MQL ...

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            Briefing - Compressed air efficiency - ISO 11011:2013


            A new standard, ISO 11011:2013, defines requirements for conducting and reporting the results of a compressed air system assessment. Stephen Boults, capital equipment manager at Thorite (01274 66347), explains all to ...

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            Clean decision – what future for trichloroethylene?


            Trichloroethylene has been favoured within the aerospace industry for vapour degreasing of titanium, in certain applications, but the chemical has been facing an uphill battle. Is its Annex 14 REACH listing the end of ...