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            Fanuc’s fine outlook


            Dr Yoshiharu Inaba has been at the helm of Fanuc Ltd, Japan, the world’s largest producer of CNCs for around a year. Under his leadership, the company has “walked the narrow path”, as he describes it – this is a focus ...

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            Bordeaux’ Grand Cru CAM


            WorkNC is a surface machining CAM package with a mould and die focus, with 70 per cent of its sales in the automotive sector. Other sectors remain important, however – indeed, a turbine blade machining cycle is a new ...

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            End of the paper chase


            A three-way software development, including Seiki Systems, aims to deliver totally integrated manufacturing control for SMEs, helping to create the paperless plant

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            Call me, call me anytime...


            NC Engineering, Watford, which is the sole agency for Citizen sliding-head autos, has been quietly developing solutions for customers to improve productivity, increase spindle availability and develop software to boost ...

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            End users – be demanding


            In July 2003 the ARC Advisory Group, reporting on the uptake of fieldbus, stated: “For many users fieldbus compatibility is becoming a key criterion for control system selection.” Another ARC paper reports that there is ...

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            Solid reasons for change


            Solid modelling for design is, today, available,and affordable.The same holds true for solids-based machining. The key benefit of effective solidsbased machining is speed of NC programming.The ability to directly load ...

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            Feature-based: not a panacea


            The main problem is that in toolmaking or prototyping the shapes are usually much more complex than they are for production parts, and require many more toolpaths, while there are far fewer opportunities for ...

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            Esperanto for CNCs?


            STEP-NC is the CNC equivalent of Esperanto. Esperanto is a language, but not of any country or ethnic group: it is a neutral,international one. STEP-NC is a CNC-independent ‘language’, intended to be interpreted by any ...

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            Learning a new language


            With the increasing power of CAD,CAM and CNC comes the potential to boost manufacturing efficiency through greater automation of the ‘CAD design to NC machining instruction’path. The established NC program code,for one, ...

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            Learning a new language


            CNC and CADCAM technology has changed out of all proportion since the 1950s; NC program code hasn’t. But there’s a big international push on for a universal language, explains Dr Stephen Newman - STEP-NC

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            Probing:why not?


            Heidenhain (GB) estimates that only some 10 -15 per cent of vertical machining centre users in the UK use spindle probing. Add to that the fact that even those that have them are under-utilising them, says the Burgess ...

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            Manufacturing under control


            Modern production control software provides the ability to manage production resources to meet customer demands quicker, ultimately helping to take more orders and make more product at less cost. But it covers more than ...

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            Accentuate your ‘e-ability’


            The best supply chains in the engineering sector are integrating, using IT to generate major improvements in competitiveness and productivity through electronic trading hubs. Savings for small supplier companies of ...